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We provide a variety of services customized to your needs.  Our team has 35+ years successfully consulting worldwide for commercial, residential and resort developers

Private & Institutional Capital Funding

We can provide access to private and institutional capital up to $500M on a per project basis for real estate development.

Investment Grade Financial Packaging

We have several partners that can fund your projects up to 100%. Whether you need Seed, Construction or Takeout project funding, we have solutions that fit your needs.

Project Management

Our experienced team of consultants can provide Project Marketing, Land Planning, Project Vision, Theme Development and Construction oversight.


Let our experts help you in all forms of communication from Presentations, Branding and Logo Development, and Website Design & Creation.

SAGE HELPS PROVIDE Power Solutions for the 21st Century


Alternative Power Production that Saves the Planet

Our Partners

We value our relationships with  our key partners.  


Partners Energy was conceived as forward thinking 21st century company. In an effort to cast off the historic norms, Partners was designed to “do more with less” “Improve efficiencies” and simply said the companies “mantra” of sustainability is at the very core of the business. Therefore we “Partner” with our communities to enact the long term sustainability

Ameresco helps organizations meet energy saving and energy management challenges with an integrated comprehensive approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

By conducting a needs analysis that highlights facility-related cost savings and revenue opportunities, Ameresco can devise strategies that leverage this funding for power project financing. Ameresco uses DBOOM (Design, Build, Own, Operate and Maintain), Performance Contracting, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Budget Neutral Infrastructure Upgrades as its core tactics for energy project financing.

Caribbean WTP, Ltd., provides comprehensive environmental and management solutions for landfills that will remediate the current hazard and maintain the landfill operation to highest environmental standards.

Through its consortium of partners Caribbean WTP  has a combined 50 years of experience in sustainable technology R & D, engineering, project development and maintenance, and transparent financial oversight of multi-million dollar civic projects.

Your life and business are interconnected – and so are the complex opportunities and challenges you face. At Bank of America Private Bank, advisors combine their expertise with the broad capabilities, services, experience and insights across Bank of America to focus on both your personal and business needs.


Sparta has substantial expertise in international finance, having been involved in bank corporate finance, property investment and all aspects of multimedia finance. The Sparta team has successfully undertaken projects with sponsorship from a number of different sources including Government agencies, many multi-national companies and several ultra-high net worth individuals.
Sparta is involved in alternative (wind, solar & crops—jatropha & castor) and Waste to Power energy projects around the world.

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